Your Health Is Paramount | Watch What You Eat

Watch What You Eat

In watch what you eat, we are going to blow your mind, and open your eyes to so many errors we make, when feeding, as well as our time of feeding.

Before you read on, kindly note that this article was written based on personal experiences, as this information wasn’t gotten from any Blog, Website, or any Medical research Centre.

Let’s begin the Journey.

Watch What You Eat | Food Supplements

Some days back, we talked extensively on the benefits of taking lots of fruits. We went on to talk about the properties of several Citrus fruits, and the advantages of taking Water melon and lots of Bananas.

However, I would like to point out a very important point in this particular article.

You know Eggs, right? Obviously! Everybody knows about Eggs. In fact, almost 65% or the World’s Population consumes Eggs every day.

So why shouldn’t I know what an egg is?

There is a reason why I would love to talk about The Egg Today.

Eggs should be consumed, but only to an extent. I personally would advise that you avoid eating eggs once its 9pm, and above.

Secondly, do not consume more than one egg a day, as it takes a lot of time to digest. Taking more than one egg a day could be catastrophic to your stomach.

What about Noodles?

Apart from Eggs, Noodles are another product that we consume almost every day, without the knowledge of its component, or how long it takes to digest!

Understand Your Body System

There is an important reason why I said you should understand your body system. However, let’s talk about it, as soon am done breaking down the Noodles and Egg (I didn’t know how to end this particular sentence, so I’ll just use “stuff”) Stuff.

Noodles takes days to properly digest in the Human digestive system. But we didn’t and still don’t know. That is why we can consume noodles, three days in a row, without knowing its implications.

Now, a typical Nigerian, or African will sit down with lots of smiles on his face, and an opened belt, and an empty stomach, ready to consume over 3 noodles, and two eggs.

Outrageous right?

That is one of the major reasons, why we can’t think well and right.

Noodles takes time to digest, and so does Eggs. So do not eat too much, I guess that is the message I am trying to pass here.

Appropriate Feeding Time

You’ll hear something like; take something light in the morning, that’s why it’s called breakfast.

Eat solid in the afternoon, and not too solid in the evening, so that it’ll digest properly before you get to sleep.

The question is; what if I can’t afford the bread, sauce, and tea for breakfast?

Have I broken the law? Would I die young?

All I have is Garri (processed Cassava) to drink! What should I do?

Brother, kindly eat what you have, and be contented biko (please). You haven’t broken any law, and besides, all those things are crap. Lol.

The lesson to be learnt here is, eat what you have and when you are hungry, as there is no appropriate time for feeding.

As long as you are hungry, that is the appropriate time to feed.

However, understand your body system, and try not to tempt the law of nature.


Lest I forget, Alcohol is good for the body as well.

However, we are all aware that “too much of anything is bad”.

This notion applies to the intake of Alcohol as well. You can take two bottles of beer in a week. It would really help in providing you with serious energy.

You don’t agree? Kindly reach us via the comment section and tell us why, as we are all pencils in the hands of the Creator (Super story, 2008).


Wildlife Tale | Chapter 2

Wildlife Tale  – (Continuation)

Before you continue reading, you can read the chapter 1 here

You need to impress the Professor, he said.

Why should I care? I didn’t say this one loud though.

Okay na, I replied. How do we get started?

We’ll sweep through here and there, after which we should be on our way home.

That didn’t sound too difficult. Only problem was; I was still hungry.

Sweep Or Eat, Or Both

Baba led by example, he swept through the entrance leading to the house of the Guinea Fowls, and he carefully packed them (the dirts).

I joined in the chores as well, and we swept and raked a lot.

There was this guy we met there, I really don’t know his name, but am sure I would have known if I had asked.

He was working on new houses for new animals.

Yes! I figured new sets of animals would be coming in the week after that.

So, we swept, and did some clean up, while my stomach was singing ‘I Need Thee O’ Blessed Savior’.

You remember the guy I talked about? The guy working on new houses for animals? Yes! That guy played a lot of role in this story.

Since we will talk about him a lot, let us call him Mr. Jason.

Meeting Mr. Jason

So, I hear you are a volunteer, he asked.

Yeah, he is, K5 answered. He is also an Agricultural Economist, and he is capable of carrying out any duties assigned to him.

Capa What? My faced turned red! Me that is hungry like this, I murmured.

Okay, that is good, Mr. Jason smiled. Since you want to work, kindly help me cut this wood.

It is easier for the Camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the Kingdom of God.

This Bible passage went through my mind immediately I heard what Mr. Jason had just said.

I hope you can handle it?

Eeeemmm, yeah, sure! I used to be an apprentice at a carpenter’s shop when I was in nursey 2, I replied while biting my fingers. Am glad he didn’t hear that part.

I started sawing through the “really thick wood” while Mr. Jason plucked Pawpaw, and fed to the Goose.

Excuse me Sir, are you normal? I almost asked.

Excuse me Sir, do Goose, abi na Geese. Do they really eat ripe Pawpaw?

Of course, they do! He smiled.

Oga, that is not the question I was trying to ask, I frowned

But sir, this Pawpaw is really ripe o, how e wan be?

He smiled. How do you mean?

No More Pretense

I AM HUNGRY SIR!!! That is what I mean!

Fast Forward:

I started sawing through the Pawpaw with my teeth, just like a Rabbit would do. I was completely famished.

We were done consuming the really sweet Pawpaw, and K5 assisted me in cutting the Wood.

When I say assisted, I meant he completely cut the whole wood in my name. #smiles.

We were done with the wood, and it started raining. We had to wait for it to stop, while K5 made some really outstanding constructions.

We met with the daughter of the Professor, and she was really looking like the ‘Daughter of the Professor’ if you know what I mean.

I was happy, fulfilled, and my stomach wasn’t complaining any longer. I had seen animals I never knew existed, I had eaten, I had met new people, and yeah, am sure I made K5’s day.

As a volunteer, I would have to visit BPC More than I expected though.

If you didn’t follow My First Encounter With Wildlife Series, CLICK HERE to read full story.

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Taking A Chill Pill | Sharing My Passion

I take my pen from the golden basket of love, and from the deepest part of my heart, I unleash my love into the ex-blank sheet, and.. and…

I remember those good old days.

It’s not as if am not enjoying the present or something. However, am talking about a time of no phones or deep technology.

Life was sweet. Life was memorable.

This has become my life and passion now. As I get to express how I feel to the World. But irrespective of how my day went, or how I felt while growing up, I’ll try my best to relate it to the present challenges we face, and how we can push through, together.

The Fun Of Growing Up

Those old days, we would just sit outside, and stare at the thick dark sky. The full Moon and the Stars, and the cool breeze and all that.

And I would be like. When I grow up, I would become a Doctor! I would treat poor and seriously injured people for free, because most of them are extremely poor, in Nigerian Movies.

You are on your way to Poverty! My cousin would say.

At the other end, Ose would scream; Lawyers are liars!

We are not liars! Emmanuella would reply.

I can’t remember why I wanted to be a Medical Doctor, but that was over 20 years ago, and the story now is way different.

What am I trying to say? Life isn’t always what it seems like. Challenges would always hit us hard.

And then we feel alone, depressed, and defeated.

Did I just digress? I think I just did. This wasn’t what I wanted to talk about today.

I’ll tell you about my major challenges as a Blogger.

Life Challenges

Even as a student in those days, I always knew that my success story would come from hanging around in the online market. The opportunity came, and I grabbed it.

My Boss, who was my former colleague in the Faculty of Education, University of Uyo, introduced me to Blogging, and it took me close to 1 year to perfect my writing skills.

Fast forward: I opened my first blog, and I had serious issues with the hosting.

It was really tough, so I had to open another one.

The second blog was going really smooth, until my Adsense Application was rejected, over 15 times.

And guess what? I had 99 articles as at when this happened.

I was in school that day, when I got the rejection mail. It broke me. Truth be told, I was extremely shattered, as I didn’t know what else to do.

I had unique contents, in fact, I had all it took to become Adsense Publisher. However, it still didn’t work out.

I didn’t die, or do anything irrational. I would actually cry in my closet and think about my life.

Keep pushing! A still small voice would whisper to me at night, and I did.

Guess who owns the Blog you are reading from right now? Yes! That’s right. And you wouldn’t believe my monthly earnings from Adsense.

Is God not wonderful?

My Conclusion | Get Up And Fight Back

A lot of motivational speakers would say stuffs like; Get Up and Fight Back.

Truth is, that notion has actually worked for me. And I am a true success story.

So why don’t you Get Up and Fight Back? “Life doesn’t give you all that you want, but you can get all you need out of life”.

I’ll leave you with this one.

If you have great opinions to share with our readers, as per how to push through life challenges, kindly drop your thoughts via the comment section.

You can also leave us a mail, if you want to share life experiences of yours with us.

I would tell you a short story of how Tunde became a Multi-Billionaire in dollars, by just getting up and fighting back.

Kindly keep in touch.


Stay Healthy | Health Tips You Didn’t Know

Stay Healthy | Health Tips  That Will Change Your Diet And Lifestyle

Staying healthy is a very important move in life. Take more fruits, take lots of water, eat at the right time, and right quantity, get adequate sleep and exercise.

All these are extremely important, and we would talk about them individually.

However, “it is what it is”.

We all get to say goodbye to this world someday.

Don’t get me wrong, am not here to scare you today or something. Am just being realistic.

You Can | They Can’t

What can you do that others can’t do?

Let’s take a look at that question from every possible angle, but let’s start with the Health Angle.

I can take a morning jog, work on my abs, take an evening walk, take as much fruits as I can, and all those funny routines.

Am sure you can do the same. However, have you taken your time to be grateful to God for the fact that you can even sleep well at night?

On the internet today, you’ll see people asking questions like;

How do I burn belly fat?

List of workouts to increase my butt?

What time should I take dinner?

And all those crazy questions.

The truth is, we haven’t really taken time to be grateful for the facts that these things bother us. Someone’s Mum is going down the drain because of Cancer. Some people are handicap, blind, deaf, and you sure do know the rest.

So yes! Your health is important. But gratitude to the Almighty God is paramount.

If you are not a Christian, and you are reading this article right now, just take a few minutes and appreciate what you believe in.

It’s a privilege.

Stay Healthy

Somewhere around the first paragraph of this article, we made mention of important healthy steps, which include the following;

  • Adequate Sleep and Exercise
  • Taking enough Water
  • Eating fruits
  • Consuming the right food at the right time.

We are going to talk about these steps one by one. However, sha just know that one day, you’ll end up dead. Lol

Don’t be scared, just make your life worth living. (am scared already though).

Adequate Sleep And Exercise

A few years back, I was really worried about my pot belly. So, I worked out regularly on my abs. I got good results. However, it’s history now.

I have come to appreciate the beauty in having a pot belly. I hope you do too. It is actually cute and sexy.

Exercise is very helpful, as it stimulates all the hormones in the body. It helps you burn excess sugar, and helps in easy digestion.

Getting enough sleep is also advisable. Nah?

You might want to ask; how many hours am I supposed to sleep a day?

The honest answer is; 6-8 hours.

But no! the chase and hunt for financial freedom won’t let us sleep, as it makes us feel lazy. Las las, whether you are conscious of your sleep duration, or not. It’s either Heaven or Hell. Lol.

I know am crazy, but we are just getting started.

The lesson here is adequate sleep and exercise is good for you! hahahahahaha

Taking Enough Water

My Biology Teacher, back then in Secondary School, would always remind us that taking enough water would help you add weight.

So, just in case you are interested in adding extra weight, taking enough water is the simple magic.

It would also help to wash your system clean.

But I had a personal observation about taking water frequently.

As a man, it helps in quick ejaculation and watery… you know what I mean. Lol.

Yeah, I was the test subject, so it may work differently for you.

And yes, drinking enough water helps you add weight. I tried it on myself as well.

Eating Fruits

The long and short of this part is that it keeps you fresh, and aids in quicker digestion. I usually feel hungry when I take enough oranges. So, let’s say it improves your appetite as well.

So, if you are finding it difficult to eat, or you know someone who does, then introduce fruits.

Problem solved!

Consuming The Right Food At The Right Time

make sure you have dinner before it is 6pm” my Aunt would always remind us.

Doesn’t work for a Foodie like me. As long as I am hungry, and there is food in the house, no worry, I gast chop.

I will definitely eat, irrespective of the time.

But it is actually not advisable. Kindly understand your body system, and eat when you should.

Don’t ask me when you should, ask your Doctor. Lol.

Am out.


Reproduction Terminologies | Mobile Guide

I would have loved to send in some greetings, but I don’t know what time it is in the Country you are reading this article from.

So, I’ll just say “Hi”.

We are going to learn a lot today, which would be related to an article we published few weeks ago; Aqua Facts.

A lot of misunderstood Terminologies, and terms used in reproductive activities, would be properly explained and broken down today. However, let me draw your attention to an amazing fact I came across recently.

The Four Eyed Fish (Anableps)

Personally, I never knew there was creature with more than two eyes, or naturally has less than two eyes as well.

But I came across the freaking Four Eyed Fish.

Research made us understand that it could actually see above and below the water, due to the presence of dual pupils, dual iris, dual cornea, and one retina.

In addition to that, I think it is also important to note that Killer Whales are the largest species of Dolphins, and they are known to live up to 80 years of Age.

Reproduction Terminologies


This term is usually common in reproduction. It’ll would be easier to understand, if you actually studied Biology in School.

But just in case you didn’t, let’s learn together.

In Oviparity, we learnt that the eggs are produced, and fertilized outside the body of the layer of the eggs. Lol.

But there is more to this “Oviparity” we didn’t know about.

This method of reproduction is actually divided into two different something (this is exactly how I sound, when I don’t know how to end a particular sentence, so I used “something” this time).

Firstly, we have the “Zygoparity” which is the internal fertilization (How?).

This method of fertilization occurs internally (yeah, I know I have said that before, but just listen). It happens internally (lol), just before the eggs leave her body.

So, are you trying to say, she lays a bunch of fertilized and unfertilized eggs at the same time?

“The sky is really blue today”……  In other words, I think that is the message I am trying to pass here #smiles.

The second one is “Ovuliparity”, which is the external fertilization (you understand this part already).


  • Viviparity

This mode of reproduction is usually carried out in higher animals like you and me. Lol.

Also known as Mammals, these sets of animals usually undergo internal fertilization, as the foetus develops in the Uterus of the Mother.

They (foetus) also derive their nutrition directly from their Mother, until they are delivered.

Please, treat your Mothers and Wives right, as they obviously go through a lot during their Menstruation and Labor period.

Since you know how we Humans get pregnant, and put to Bed, I don’t think there should be much explanation under this mode of reproduction, as you know it all already.

Am proud of you too #smiles.


This mode of reproduction also involves an internal fertilization and all that. But personally, I don’t think they give birth to their young ones alive (I stand to be corrected).

The Eggs would be fertilized, and carried about in the Stomach of the Mother, and when the time is right, she lays them and waits for them to hatch or something.

Our domestic Chicken should be a good example.

This is not the end of this particular article, so we’ll have to continue next week or so (if I sha have the strength).

However, let us briefly look at the differences and similarities between Ovoviviparity and Viviparity.

Similarities And Differences

They both involve internal fertilization. I’ll have to find out if there is another similarity, but that should be it for now.

Viviparity involves the birth of young ones alive, who are ready to suck milk from their mother, while Ovoviviparity involves the laying of already fertilized eggs, waiting for the right time to hatch.

In Viviparity, nutrition comes from the mother, while in the stomach. But in Ovoviviparity, the Nutrition comes from the egg yolk.

Okay, that should be all for now.

It is gladdening to know that the information published on this platform is completely free. So, flex bro!

And if you are a girl, then flex sis!


Oestrus Cycle | All You Need To Know

What IS Oestrus Cycle

oestrus cycle

Have you ever heard about, or do you know anything about the Oestrus Cycle?

If no, then this article is for you.

And if Yes, this article is still for you.

It is important that we practice the law of learning throughout one’s lifetime.

So, let’s talk about the Oestrus Cycle today (am feeling excited already, hope you feel the same way; who cares? Just read!)

Oestrus Cycle

There are four phases involved the Oestrus Cycle, and they include;

  1. You that is reading
  2. Me that is writing
  3. The article that is being read
  4. And the article, when it was being written

Lol, that’s four, right? Okay let’s discuss.

Hold up!!! Am just kidding (lol).

Let’s talk about the four phases of the Oestrus Cycle please, am tired of playing already. Lol.

Okay, the four phases include;

  1. Dioestrus or Anoestrus
  2. Pro-oestrus
  3. Oestrus
  4. Post-oestrus

Kindly ignore the previous list. Nothing would go wrong with a little joke or something.

Without wasting much time, let’s take a brief look on each of the phases below.

You That Is Reading

Oh, I forgot that we weren’t going to play around anymore.

Let’s take a look at the phases below (again? Yes! Again!).

Dioestrus Or Anoestrus

In this phase of Oestrus Cycle, there is no visible sexual activity, as this is the first phase. That should be enough explanation.


The Follicle develops into an Ovary in this phase.


This is the third phase of the Oestrus Cycle, and in this phase, changes occur in both the internal and the external genital parts.


This phase is characterized by pregnancy, or pseudo-pregnancy.

A lot of additional terms would be explained later in this article. But for now, let me tell you a little story.

Story Time

Sometime around the year 2017, I fell in love.

Initially, it was because I would be so lonely atimes, and all my friends would be busy with the love of their lives.

So, I didn’t have access to them or something, so I had to look for my missing rib.

I know this story is obviously not related to our Biology Class, or to our Reproduction Terminologies (from our last class).

I just have this good feeling that; to draw you closer to myself, you need to know a little about me.

So yeah, I really need your time and attention, since that is the sole essence of this platform, Your Attention!

Talking about the love of my life, she was beautiful, dark, not short, in fact, she was great.

I saw a lot of things I wouldn’t have tolerated on a normal day, but I just ignored, since she gave me all I wanted, and even more.

That path didn’t end well, and I have found it extremely difficult to love anymore. I started flirting, and it was really cool.

No love, no commitment whatsoever, no attachment, just mutual benefits.

Two years later, I took my flirting into a wrong zone. And guess where it landed me?

Falling in love again.

I was scared, as I didn’t want to believe the bush-meat has captured the hunter this time. I just….

“You too like gist”

Let us go back to our Oestrus Cycle Biology class and all that? Or would you prefer I talk about the love story I already started?

Share your views and opinions on which topic should thrive in our next article, and make sure you keep in touch to find out which group won the contest.

Our wonderful Biology Class, or the Love life and story of Jedidiah Zurik.


My Series | Trying To Be Perfect

If you have been following the article I have been writing lately, you would realize that most stories I write about myself, present me to be completely perfect.

One with no flaws, ready to sacrifice and pay the price for the happiness of loved ones.

Respectful, humble, bla bla bla.

In my previous article, I said something about taking my passion to the World, and guess what? That is exactly what I am doing.

So today, we would talk a little about myself. And guess who is going to interview me…. Me!

Let’s have fun and know Jedidiah Zurik a little.

Tell Us About Yourself

What do you really think about yourself? I would sometimes ask myself.

I have this strong feeling that I would be extremely great and wealthy, and I would try as much as possible, to wipe the tears, off the faces of people around me.

Feeling lonely or alone is now a thing of the past, because I felt I grew up with a lot of rejection, and all those negative vibes stuff we would always talk about.

Someone’s Father would even tell me to my face as at when I was around eight (8) years old, that I would never be good enough. He said I would be a drunk, and a womanizer.

I rejected the statement, and hope it would happen to him. However, there is no need for that.

Words are powerful, yet Actions to me are more powerful.

Waking up every morning, I would always ask myself, what are you doing to make sure you shame the devil, and start telling your success story as soon as possible?

I drink, but am not a drunk. I am in my early or late twenties, and I don’t hate girls either.

The point is, are you sure you aren’t proving this man right?

So I Changed My Thoughts

And my actions were affected, almost immediately.

Few weeks ago, I said something about my early challenges as a Blogger. Of a truth, it was more than a challenge, because I almost quit.

My Boss would always remind me; “Quitters never win”.

He was sure right.

I changed my pattern; I slept less, I calculated more, I talked less, I listened more. I worked more, and played less.

And Boom! The Lord has worked in mysterious ways.

God is good, God is great. However, the “Heaven helps those who help themselves” notion is actually correct.

Take a step towards the achievement of a deep goal, and you would have achieved more than that by the time you realize it.

So Yes! I always thought of being really wealthy and plump. And I am #smiles.

Lessons To Learn

I noticed a few things about most of my write ups. And if you have been following this blog, you would notice it as well.

Digressing into other unrelated discussions are constant. And it happens due to a lot of reasons.

I write from my heart. And since I am not the conventional preacher or motivational speaker, you might get a little lost in the atmosphere of life when you read my articles.

However, I won’t leave you empty on this particular day.

Learn to Fight Back. Change the game. Things might not work out exactly how you planned it, but don’t go down the drain with your dreams.

Learn to change the Game. Learn to Fight Back.

And most importantly, Never Give up.

Tunde the Multi-billionaire in dollars, would be our first fiction story, as we have written all our articles, based on real life events and happenings.

Starting from the first week of next month, we would be dropping our Tunde Series.

This is obviously a tale that you cannot miss. So, I’ll advise that you keep in touch, as we will keep you posted as soon as possible.

If you want to share some of your stories or life experiences with the world, kindly indicate, via the comment section, as we would love to hear from you.


My First Encounter With Wildlife

As you all know, my name is Jedidiah Zurik. Am sure you already knew that.

I would like to share my experience with you, as per my first encounter with Wildlife. I promise you; it won’t be completely boring.

The Call

I wont lie about the fact that I was broke to the core on that faithful Thursday. Let us say because I was a student or something close to that.

My friend Kobasi, whom I usually call K5, was, and is an animal freak.

He gave me a call, about becoming a volunteer at BPC (I really can’t remember the full meaning, lol).

Fast forward, we both went to BPC, as he offered to pay my way to and fro. And as a foodie that I am, I opened up and told him how hungry I was.

Baba said I should keep quiet and follow him. Such a Bully!

So, we got there, and the first thing that came out of his mouth was, “Bobo, as a volunteer, you have to prove your dedication” I looked at him like “come again, say What?”

Now, you will have to take this broom and sweep this compound, he said.

Exkeese (excuse) me sir, I had raised my hands. If at least you won’t give me something to eat, let us take a look at the animals first.

Okay I won’t lie about something.

Keeping Your Expectations High

The way K5 always talked about BPC, I felt it was a world class Museum. Lol, did I just say ‘Museum’.

I meant ‘Zoo’ though.

Let’s fast forward.

He mentioned the fact that you’ll need to pay a thousand naira (1000 NGN) just to pass through the gate. What it meant was that, there are a lot to feed your eyes with.

He wasn’t completely wrong though. But my expectations were too high.

So, let us go back to the part of seeing the animals and having something to eat. Lol.

Eskees me sir, I need to eat, or at least, see interesting Mammals and Invertebrates.

And so, we moved.

Bush Baby Is Real

What color was it again? Don’t worry, I don’t have short memory or something. But I saw a Bush Baby that day.

I can’t even remember what it looked like, lol. But believe me, I really saw a Bush Baby that day hahahaha.

We moved, and the next was Patas Monkey. I think that was what he called it. I sha know Monkey was among the Name, that is if there is anything like Patas. Leave me alone and do your research.

Next was the Dwarf Crocodile, that was a scary site, and I was really scared. It didn’t really look like the Dwarf Structure I would have imagine.

There could be snakes on the trees. He said.

Eh? Wait first. We are not quarrelling na. Snakes everywhere? Where exactly.

Fear wan kill me.

There were actually trees everywhere around us.

Yes, there could be friendly snakes on the trees, he repeated.

Pause first. Did you say Friendly Snakes #tears. Thunder wants to know your location, I said.

I sha looked for a stick to hold, since we can never be too careful.

From the Dwarf Crocks, we went to see some amazing creatures; Civets, Mongoose, Normal Goose #lol, Parrots (different types and colors).


Did you call me? I asked

Call you why? Didn’t you see parrots here?

Oh, Parrots called my name? that is so sweet, #awwwwwnnnn.

Fool! It is not only parrot, it’s parenthiesis.

Just break my heart at once. I wept.


No Snakes

Lol, no Snakes fell from the trees actually, though I was still scared. We moved on to see the Nile Crocodile, China Ducks, Mice, Python, Vipers, just relax, am really trying to remember all the animals I saw there.

But am still hungry.

Bros, I dey hungry, I fit die!

Lol, okay, I’ll get you some fruits.

Some fruits sounded really cool. So, he took up a stick, and gave me two Star Apple.

Seriously? Let me eat this one first, and complain later.

Now that you have eaten, let us get to work.


Me? Eat? How na?

Two cherry? Abi na African Soursop? I don’t even want to know the name again

See The Fight Here


Juliana’s Tale Part 2

Life Of Juliana

My Aunt walked in, and I ran out.

It was unusual for my Aunt to come back from work in the afternoon, and on a Friday at that. But I didn’t care. The fact that she walked in saved my life.

I ran out, and vomited all the crap I had eaten. Where was my Mum?

Moving On

Mum would always call, at least three times a week, which was not enough, and she would always console me with the “Endure, it’s all training” speech.

Sometimes, I’ll lie in my bed with my eyes filled with tears, with the hope that every minute would be past tense.

Few weeks later, I would fight with Amanda in school. She called me a freaking bastard. No wait, it was more than that.

You Are A Bastard

So, it was on a Tuesday, and we were all in class. I was in a heated argument with a girl, my age mate though. We argued on the spelling of “Hybrid”, and she was supported by Amanda.

I spelt it as “High Brid” lol… crazy right?

Fast forward. We fought and I broke her head. She has the scar till today.

You don’t want to know what happened when we got home that day. But I will tell you.

Have you ever seen a thief, getting judgement in the streets of Lagos? Whether you stole a car or something less.

In this scenario, I had just murdered the President. I survived the punishment though, keep the imaginations to yourself.

Witch Alert

So, Mr. Joe lost his job, what was his job? He was a security man, taking care of the environment at night. More like a vigilante.

And the night he lost the job, he was really depressed. He bought bread on his way back to the house, but he urinated in the wrong location.

Don’t joke with Area boys in Lagos.

Baba drop 10k, they screamed. I don’t have any money; Mr. Joe said.

Okay na, as you no get money, you go drop this bread be that.

That was how Mr. Joe came back without a job and a bread. And that was how I became the ancestral spirit that was bringing downfall to the family.

Call your Mother, my Aunt said. My husband is Jobless!

That statement didn’t end well

Who Is Jobless?

Who is jobless? A voice from the background thundered. Are you not jobless? My Aunt asked.

You have been jobless for the past 15 years. In fact, you are as useless as you are jobless.

Are you talking to me? Mr. Joe asked.

No sir! Look behind you, am talking to those tattered looking suits of yours.

Has someone beside you been afflicted before? And you felt it more that the recipient?

It happened that day. Domestic violence, right before my eyes.

He slapped her. I ran because I knew I was next.

“You are a demon, you wear suit and deceive people that think you are a Pastor”, she said amidst tears.

Today, I will show you I am the head of this home, Baba said.

Head of which home? You have paid the fees of my children, neither have you bought text books for them. I feed everybody in this house, I virtually perform the duties of the Husband and the Wife alike, I regret getting married to you.

It ended in tears for everybody in that house that day.

My Aunt would later lose her third child, and the Witch in the House was the cause.

In chapter three, you’ll see a blood sucking vampire in the form of a twelve-year-old child.

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Journey To Success | Benefits Of Perseverance

The Journey to Success in my life began when… Oh! The works of the Lord is marvelous in my sight.

Let me take time to thank God, for the fact that I am typing this article myself. Don’t worry, you won’t understand.

But I’ll explain soon enough.

Lord, I am very grateful for your faithfulness in my life, and I am not ashamed or afraid to tell the World about your works in my life gan.

Journey To Success | How It All Began

I left Secondary School, somewhere around 2013 or 2014 (can’t really remember the exact year, but let’s use 2014 for instance).

After writing Post UTME exams (a compulsory entrance exams for aspiring undergraduates in Nigeria) for several schools, I finally got admission into the University of Uyo.

The course I was offered wasn’t my choice course. However, in a bid to leave the house, I accepted the admission.

Godwin would be my friend in the long run, as we were both course mates. A very good friend at that.

Meeting Godwin

I have realized that little details could actually amount to a lot. Littler reactions, and the little things we do to, and for people. So be careful how you act towards people.

Godwin would always crack me up, and because I enjoyed laughing, I became close, I mean; really close to him.

I had serious accommodation issues, and he offered to take me in for a few days, but I ended up spending three months under his roof. And that was how we became really close.

He got introduced into Blogging, and he tried bringing me on board. But sometimes, we can’t help but miss some opportunities.

I bought the idea, but the fact that I didn’t have a laptop was limiting.

So, in conclusion, I couldn’t play the game, and I was left behind. He became a top Blogger in Uyo, and made lots of cash. I felt happier for him than I felt sad for myself, because I didn’t have the resources to follow up the challenge.

Things Happen For A Reason

“Big Man Talk To Big Man” they would always say; “And Big Man Listen”.

My friend became a big boy, and I hardly had access to him. However, something very tragic happened.

His Adsense was taken from him. And if that happens to you as a Blogger, that is basically the end of that particular website.

After mourning for months, he realized that he had to start again. This time, he wasn’t going to do it alone!

“Let’s rise together bro” he said.

I don’t have a laptop brother.  I still couldn’t afford a laptop as at then.

I’ll give you a laptop. I know you are hardworking. So, I’ll give you a laptop, and I’ll teach you everything you need to know. All I ask in return is your consistent input and dedication.

Like I said earlier in this article, we had started losing our touch a bit. But this was just too much for me.

I was extremely glad and dumbfounded.

When do we start?  I asked.

Come to the house next week, we have a lot to learn together.

And that was how my journey to greatness began. God had used Godwin to give me a lift. To give me a skill. To give me hope.

The Journey Begins

In less than a week, I had visited Godwin in his newly furnished apartment. He was really a big boy now, and I was happy that I could smell success around the corner.

Little did I know that the thorn in roses was actually real.

Comment below to if you are interested in the full details on the thrill, struggles, challenges, and the success story of the youngest Billionaire in Africa.